How to allow duplicate emails (import)


I have a list of several companies, I have to send a personalized message to the representative of each company. The detail is that sometimes there are 3 different companies, with the same representative and that representative uses the same email.

The platform, by default, does not let me do it. Since it removes duplicate emails, is there a way to do this?


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Dear Mailwizz team,

We also need this feature of allowing duplicate emails for a specific requirement of our customers. Do let us know if this can be taken up as customization.



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Mailwizz will not allow to import duplicates emails in the same list, if you want to do that you can make a trick and for example you can add ,, and so on, and campaign sent will arrive in the same inbox.
It kinda just has for me. I had to upload the same list 3x (updated some fields), which I've done many times before in the past without issues of duplications. All of a sudden, the records are present 3 times. I noticed it as the segment was 3x as big as the original upload list.
The email records in this screenshot example are 100% identical, and there are hundreds of duplicates now.
Screenshot 2022-08-26 110408.jpg

My suspicion is that the issue is with the import function itself: the import process was stuck on "The import process is starting, please wait..." for a 300 records list and it took multiple attempts to get it to show a success message. It appears that every attempt actually uploaded the file without telling me it had and they all pilled up.
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