Hide some Create New Campaing fields for simplicity


Hi!! How are you?

Is there any way I can Hide some fields from the Step by Step of creating a new Campaing?
Would be nice to show less fields to my clients so they don't get lost with so many options.
I have highlighted in two images below what I was thinking that could be hided.......
Maybe with an Extension!?? Please, give me some light!!!!! :)

This way the END User can just create and build the layout and send, with all the options default!!

Thanks again!

Captura de Tela 2015-04-08 às 11.56.36.png Captura de Tela 2015-04-08 às 11.56.16.png
Unfortunately there is no other way right now than to simply edit the view file and remove them from there, but i don't advise you doing that, maybe put them in a div and hide that div from css.
Nope, there's no hook there for extensions to hook into.
Only way would be with themes by replacing the entire view, but you should avoid that, as i said.
I'll add some specific classes to the body for the next release, this way we can use css and based on what page we are on we can hide items easily.
Just to give you a follow up on this, now the body looks like:
<body class="skin-blue ctrl-settings act-customer_lists">
so using css you can use those body classes to take actions against certain specific pages.
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Hi, ok. understand!
But where do you think is the best place to put those CSS?? in a way it does not override when upgrade!?
If you create a file called style-custom.css in /{frontend|customer|backend}/assets/css folder then the file will be autoloaded and never overwritten at updates.
Hi, ok. Thanks.

O could not find a way to hide a section, because all of them has the same class like "<div class="box box-primary">"..
Hi @Raoni, how are you?

We're using something like this:
#CampaignGroup-grid > table > thead > tr.grid-filter-cell input

So we can deal with the problem with class names but more than this, we can isolate (we hope :D) any change, in order to don't let this affect anything else on the system.

I'm not a specialist, please.. But take a look:


And then...


You get something like this:
#glance-box > div.box-body > div:nth-child(2) > div > a

This is just an example ok?