Gsuite email bounce server


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Hi All,

Does anyone know the correct way to setup a GSuite email account as bounce server?
IMAP access is already enabled.

Connecting to:, via port 993, with SSL does not seem to accept the password which is used ton normally login to the email account.

Thanks in advance!
In the past you were required to allow less-secure apps to your account in order for this to work. Not sure what type of changes they did this time.

Integration of Gmail and Google Workspace accounts with Mailwizz is inherently supported, eliminating the necessity for any modifications on the Mailwizz platform. Historically, Google has deactivated the 'Allow Less Secure Apps' feature to fortify security measures, thereby mandating alternative authentication methods for enhanced protection.

For the purpose of utilizing a Gmail or Google Workspace account as a bounce server within Mailwizz, it is imperative to generate an 'App Password'. The activation of an App Password is contingent upon the enforcement of Two-Step Verification on the respective account, serving as an additional layer of security.

To initiate the creation of an App Password, one must navigate to the designated URL:

Subsequent to the generation of the App Password, it can be employed as the authentication credential for establishing a connection to the mailbox via the IMAP protocol. This mechanism is crucial for Mailwizz's functionality to accurately process and manage email bounces, thereby ensuring efficient email delivery management and oversight.


That only works account wide and not just for a specific mailbox. Meaning that credentials of the “main account” would be in MW. This is not acceptable/suitable for most I’m afraid.
@bitsmtp i believe you did not understand what i wrote. app password is different then account password, using app password you can only access mailbox with IMAP protocol which is needed for the bounce server.