1. TheKnight

    Getting out of the Promotions Tab

    Hello all- If you mail gmail, then surely you are facing this issue and aware of how significantly the effectiveness of your campaigns will change when you get in the main tab. While I can find all sorts of opinions on the web about this and have steadfastly tried all repeatedly, we still are...
  2. A

    Gmail emails bouncing

    Hi, my first broadcast in mailwizz got very few bounces but the second and third started bouncing Gmail address’s. Now every gmail is getting bounced with this message: Our system has detected that this message is 550-5.7.1 likely suspicious due to the very low reputation of the sending...
  3. M

    Gmail AMP & Annotations

    Google is rolling out AMP and Annotations to Gmail. Both of those features are expected to change the way users interact with emails. Microsoft is already looking into implementing AMP as well in its Outlook. My question is, will there be any updates in that area in mailwizz? For example...
  4. M

    Gmail's Suspicious links message

    Hi guys. I am helping with sending an email newsletter for a price comparison site. It's good content, with no spam stuff. Just tells people how they can resolve their moisture problems at home. Well, it turns out Gmail is giving a warning message any time someone clicks the link in my email...
  5. Pat Friedl

    Emails started going to GMail spam - no idea why

    I've been sending emails slowly using only SendGrid and MailGun (only a couple hundred per day) and out of nowhere, our emails are starting to hit the spam folder. We're sending some very simple cold emails (nothing that we thought was spammy) using plenty of spintax, no content that triggers...
  6. D

    Gmail Unsubscribe

    Hi, I recently started getting unsubscribe emails from Gmail addresses, I guess they are triggered by subscribers using the Gmail unsubscribe link. I have to unsubscribe these manually atm, is there a way to automate this? Thanks, Dirk
  7. Jota

    Hotmail and Gmail Domain SPAM marks

    Hi, Before of all allow me to explain, we're a very small web agency, and we have been working with Sendy and SES for some time. We've been sending very small campaigns to small lists (always double opt/in) with a generic domain of us ( until some day, accidentally, we sent...
  8. A

    email always marked spam

    Hey everyone, Am I the only one that whenever sends an email to hotmail or gmail, it lands in junk !! I even created an account with elasticemail and sendgrid, and sent emails from their own platform using their email creation tools and email also landed in junk box ! I even tried several...
  9. sendizo

    [Email Deliverability Help] Gmail Postmaster: Delivery Errors

    Hello guys, hope you're all doing well. I started warming one IP address. the IP is configured properly (DKIM, DomainKey, SPF, Sender-ID, DMARC. MX.) Sending through TLS encryption connection. from the backend Im using pmta to send 2 simulate connections 5 messages per connection at 70 email...