Getting out of the Promotions Tab


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Hello all-

If you mail gmail, then surely you are facing this issue and aware of how significantly the effectiveness of your campaigns will change when you get in the main tab.

While I can find all sorts of opinions on the web about this and have steadfastly tried all repeatedly, we still are relegated to the promo tab, even though I know our list wants what we send.

In that we all use MailWizz, if anyone else is interested in sharing tips and tricks relating to this, I'd love to hear... Specifically, maybe there's some elements of Mailwizz, i.e., insert random text, rotation, etc., etc., that has helped you with this.

Some of the things we've tried;

-Reducing links as much as possible in the template (though we need to try adding unsub to the header so we can do that too.)
-Including more text to better balance out the images
-Removing "Spammy" words, exclamation marks, etc.
-Including more personalization
-Including a personal sign-off, i.e., "From, Mark"
-testing on all different mta's
-Testing text only

Note that all our IP's have a senderscore of 98+, and we're really scratching our head on this.

And more heads are better than none, so if you're in the same boat and game to share intel, let's discuss!

Please specify what sending method are you using? Internal, smtp or services as mailchip, sendgrid etc. This is very important in order to receive a proper response