"From" address used for spf and dkim checks different than "From" address recpt see?


Maybe off topic. But please help me I am very confused :)

I have a bunch of smtp servers on different domains through which I relay email
therefore my "From" addresses are different all the time. Someone may get an email from admin@domain1.com and next day from admin@domain4.com and so on

I tried to set up my spf and dkim records so that one of the emails, say admin@domain1.com passes verfication on all servers but failed because this got me really confused and muddled.

I know when I add smtp relay like mailgun, I have to add mailgun to my spf record. I did the same here on my servers but spf failed to pass after that altogether

Can someone please help me how to do it?

And does anyone know should I use relaxed/relaxed in opendkim config on my sending servers? Or relaxed/simpe?

Or is there a setting in mailwizz so I can use one "From" address for spf and dkip validation and a different "From" address for recipients to see?