Extension Quote


I'm looking to have an extension created that will allow me to sell email credits to my customers for $25/10,000 Email Credits. Also with the option to add multiple packages like $50/25,000 Email Credits for example. I'd like it to be able to notify them as it does now if they are low and not allow them to send if they are sending more emails than they have credits etc.
I already use the Stripe Subscription Extension to allow me to charge a monthly base fee. So if this could be worked into that same Stripe merchant account that would be great.

If anyone else is interested in something like this; I'd love to pool together resources to make it happen.
I'd also be happy to Open Source it as well.

On top of these email credit purchasing, I'm going to be charging $9.95/Month and would also be happy to dedicate 10% of that monthly revenue into a development pool.

Anyways if there is any interest, I'd love to chat more about it.


Aaron McNeilis