1. O

    Extension Quote

    Hello I'm looking to have an extension created that will allow me to sell email credits to my customers for $25/10,000 Email Credits. Also with the option to add multiple packages like $50/25,000 Email Credits for example. I'd like it to be able to notify them as it does now if they are low and...
  2. S

    Extension Cron Job

    Is it possible to add a cron job to an extension and triggered automatically when that extension is installed/setup on an app? I could not find any related information neither in the documentation nor the extension example provided by you guys.
  3. daliworks01

    How to use the AWS S3 Extension.

    Hi, I bought mailwizz extension what you made. (Amazon S3). It was installed, but, there is nothing for using menu and guide. How could i use that? I expected that I could upload images and use when i write email contents. Please let me know.
  4. Razvan

    [URGENT] Payment integration custom extensions

    Hey there! I search someone who can make 2 custom extensions for MW. I need them to integrate MW with 2 different payment systems. NOTE: I need them ASAP
  5. I

    Customer's extension: Modify list-update's view

    Greetings, Im working on an extension and trying to modify the list-update's view, what's the name of the hook for that? or how can i make it work? Thanks in advance!
  6. A

    How to create command in extension folder

    Hi I'm working on an extension for mailwizz. I know how to create map controller for backend, frontend and customer. but I need to create command wish i will add in crontab, so My question is how to create command in my extension. thank you for your help
  7. nadworks

    A/B testing and better reporting

    Just a few ideas for mega-useful extensions (imho): easy ability to do A/B testing - that's the benefit of email marketing: testing is so easy and inexpensive. It would be a brilliant extension for MW. More complex segmentation - It would be fabulous to be able to do slightly more complex...
  8. E

    How to test an extension's run() mehtod?

    Hi, I'm debugging an extension somebody else made, and I want to execute its run() method so I can enter it with the debugger. How do I do this? PS: The extension is supposed to run with a daily cronjob, and I'm not sure how do extensions get hooked in cron, so maybe there's the solution?
  9. Colt405

    Custom Field for List Segmentation Triggered by Send Instead of Open

    Currently, MW has the ability to update a custom field based on an open. I would like to be able to update that custom field based on a 'send' instead of an open. The idea is to utilize one list per industry and take the customer through four email contacts, each contact is sent based on the...
  10. Jatin Sahani

    Drag & Drop Builder Extension "Your thoughts" ?

    Hi Guys, Me & my partner in collaboration is planning to launch an extension based drag & drop builder with very minor modification to couple of files & database in MW. So my question is how many of you will be willing to buy this extension, This is just to gather some information/data on our...
  11. U

    BulkEmailChecker Questions

    Ive went around the forum trying to figure out whats wrong with my BulkEmailChecker extension... however, im using the latest MailWizz with Latest BulkEmailChecker, and using SparkPost to send emails. So the story is after uploading the BulkEmailChecker into the backend and going to the...
  12. kofo

    Support system extension error

    well i've had the support system ticket extension for some time but haven't used it whenever i upload it to my mailwizz powered site WITHOUT ACTIVATING it my site just stops working with the error "the page at www.mailwizzsite.com" isnt working
  13. kofo

    Extension development error

    Hello so i have been working with mailwizz a while now and its been great i even developed a payment extension which works fine but now i am currently working on another extension and tried it out it just ,when i uploaded it without enabling it just said "the page mailwizzpoweredsite.com isnt...
  14. D

    Extension-level unit testing

    Hello MW members, does any one of you here done a extension-level unit testing? I will be implementing it and will need guide along the way. Thank you!
  15. D

    Tour core extension issue with multiple created slideshows

    It would be better if the Tour extension can support multiple created slideshows. The issue with the current version is there's only 1 slideshow showing even if you created more than 1 and when you try to end the slideshow, the other slideshows you created will not show.
  16. twisted1919

    Example extensions for extension developemnt

    Hey guys, In order to make extensions development easier and much clear, i have attached an example extension that you can use to develop your own extensions. It contains very clear examples on how to: - make the extension available only for certain apps: customer / frontend / backend / api /...
  17. Ankit

    Any plan for e-commerce extensions paid / free?

    Hey Twisted1919, Is there any plan for paid extensions of Salesforce / Magento / Shopify / WooCommerce / Zapier ? Like what you have previously with 2Checkout, Paypal, Backup Extensions and others?
  18. GlobalDIMA

    refer to group and extension

    ----- english (translate for google) Hi ! First question: to create a group on the Common tab> notification message, I guess this is the mail or notice we sent to the user Create your account.... the query is what the labels or variables that can be used to configure this message? Second...
  19. W

    Visual Content Builder inkl. Image Upload / Crop

    Hey guys i would need a visual content builder for Mailwizz as extension. Is there anyone who can code that for me ? -- I like Campaign Monitor. There are a few visual content builders out there on Codecanyon .. maybe integratable ?