Error: When trying to save an email text, the screen turns all white


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MW has worked nice until now.

I tried to add a new campaign email, and I could choose template and enter new text and add images. Then trying to save that email the screen turns white (as if it is a broken php somewhere).

The strange thing is that first it didn't work, then I updated to last version, then it worked - but only once. After that I can not add new email campaigns.

How to debug this?

PS: Serban, I sent you an email
Thank you Rob.
I solved it for now.

What I did:
1) Uploaded all files again (in case there was a corrupt file somewhere)
2) Cleared all caches manually (again)
3) Restarted server

Now it seams to work as normal. Will try the debug next time. (Didn't see this answer before I had done the steps above.)
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Glad you got it fixed. If you were updating to I found it didn't clear the caches and I couldn't copy sending servers, similar white page to yours. Happens sometimes.
It didn't clear the caches for me neither I think. I manually deleted them right after updating. I didn't get the blank page at first, but after 2.nd try I got them. Doing the 3 steps above solved it, at least for now :)
@Rob - Thanks man,
@POS - There one more thing to take into consideration. When you upload a template, mailwizz has to parse it and depending on the size and complexity it might require a lot of RAM from your server and if your server uses a lot of RAM already, then maybe you simply run out of memory at some point, case in which you can just add more ram for the problem to go away.
@twisted1919 Thank your for answering. In this case it was not the RAM. It happened also with a pure text html email. No CSS or images. The software was quick, so there were no swapping taking place.
My VPS said: Mem: 524504k total, 422520k used,101984k free, 0k buffers

It might have been a corrupt file of some sort. That can happen when uploading many files :)