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When I use personalisation in the subject line, I like to use the person's first name.


Hello [FNAME], this is your offer!

Unfortunately, I don't always have the first name in the master data. If I use this subject line, then I have the following subject line for people without a first name.

Hello , [empty space] this is your offer!

How can I prevent this "gap" with empty space?

Thanks for help
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@laurentiu thank you, this is indeed a workaround but only for admin-level. It would be nice for users (and more user friendly) to be able to define the fallback as per the feature request. (basically like sendy.co does)

Every user and list could have a different case scenario
  • Dear client
  • Dear user
  • Dear member
  • many more
Hope it makes sense


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Hi @laurentiu , thanks for your info, but i dont get the point. I attach the screenshot where i think i should setup the change, but i dont know what to change, so that i dont get empty fields when the user has no firstname and i send a campaing with personalisation.


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@rafe3000 - You can simply set "Dear client" as the default first name in that field, this way any subscriber without a given first name, will use your default.
But i would use twig rather than this approach.