Emails Pausing During Sending

Tom Roberts

New Member

New to the MailWizz programme and have had no problems up until now.

Over the last week or so, every email campaign i send out pauses at 3%?

To complete the email sending, i have to manually refresh and continue the email sending by clicking the email button? An email campaign that should only take 20 mins to send can take a day.

Anybody had the same problem or fixed this? My servers are all up to date and we don't send excessive amounts out either.

Any help would be brilliant.

Can you share the settings from backend -> settings -> cron (first box) and tell me about your server configuration, like RAM/CPU/HDD/SSD?
What else is running on your server?
Does Backend -> Misc -> Application log says something pertinent related to mysql database? Like the fact it went away or similar?
This is what the first box says....

Memory Limit - System Default
Campaigns at once - 5
Subscribers at once - 500
Sent at once - 0
Pause - 1
Emails Per Min - 500
Change server at - 200

The server only runs our email campaigns

This is what the application log say // General error: 2006 MySQL server has gone away

Any help would be lovely :)