Dynamic links in the text version


I noticed that the dynamic links such as [WEB_VERSION_URL] and [UNSUBSCRIBE_URL] don't seem to be working in the text version of the emails. Same goes for the personalized content such as and [FNAME].

Has anyone else noticed that? Why are the tags not replaced in the text versions in the same way as in the HTML version? How can it be fixed?
I noticed it too, when I put a tag like [FNAME] in a text version campaign, it's not transformed when sent.
Okay, let me test this and get back to you. just to be sure, it's just for plain text only emails, right?
In my opinion yes, only for plain text email, I tested it with html email and tag are functionals!
Unfortunately i was not able to reproduce this issue, what i did, i created a few campaigns as follows:
1. only plain text
2. plain text and html with plain text generated from html
3. plain text and html with plain text added manually.
All the above worked just fine, so i don't know what to say, are you sure this was a real campaign sent to a test list?