dovecot makes huge load on server (410357 Kbytes in 267778 Requests)


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Hi all ,
i'm using 8 mta's on 8 different servers, and one server that hosts 8 different mailwizzes for each mta.
everything worked fine until i start realizing that the server is getting very slow.
i checked the mailq and saw that there are 267778 bounce requests, and when i checked the load i saw that dovecot is causing ridiculous high load - load average: 46.40, 28.08, 24.61 load average: 53.10, 51.63, 42.31, load average: 92.91, 33.31, 13.95
i had to stop dovecot in order to get a simple task right -
My question is - how can i handle bounce differenly?
what can i do to keep the important bounce service, but maintain a cool server without very high load?

thank you!
@vladimirKobi - Did you change the default settings for bounce handling from backend > settings > cron area ?
What you could do, is to try to process a smaller number of bounces at once, then run the cron job for bounce handling by hand and see how it behaves, then if the load is fine, do a small shell script that will trigger the bounce handler command in a loop, this way processing very small amounts of bounces but doing it continously.
Hi, and thanks for the quick response, it seems that we are already working in this way
see attached picture
@vladimirKobi - increase the number of servers at once to 10, 500 subscribers at once. then disable the cron job for bounce handling and run it manually several times.