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Hi @twisted1919 ,

I've disabled blacklisting via perf flag. So emails won't be checked against the blacklist when are sending out. But, I could see that the blacklist is still growing with the bounces. This can create the below problems -

1. I won't get the advantage of saving space since the table is still growing.
2. If I want to delete the blacklisted subscribers to save space because they're now useless, it re-subscribes those bounces in the respective lists.
3. System fails to mark the emails as "blacklisted" on customer lists if they're bounced and are present in the global blacklist - https://forum.mailwizz.com/threads/statistics-dont-show-up-for-blocked-campaigns.1709/#post-10039

So, could you please suggest a hack to prevent Email Blacklist from growing if disabled via perf flag ? :)
And/Or an option to delete email blacklists without re-subscribing the subscribers ?
@VVT - I have introduced 2 new flags, that is:
MW_PERF_LVL_DISABLE_NEW_BLACKLIST_RECORDS - this will disable adding new records in global blacklist
MW_PERF_LVL_DISABLE_CUSTOMER_NEW_BLACKLIST_RECORDS - this will disable adding new records in the customer blacklist

Does that help?
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what else is more sweeter than this :) ? You rock ! This is a really nice feature to have.

Actually I was looking for a solution to disable global blacklists but still having the customer suppression lists enabled - that was something not possible. Now I can re-enable blacklisting (by removing the perf flag I set), empty the global blacklist and then set "MW_PERF_LVL_DISABLE_NEW_BLACKLIST_RECORDS" flag to restrict any new entries. This way I can achieve what I was looking for. :) Hope this will work !
@twisted1919 #3 has not been addressed in v1.3.6.2. Can you please fix this in v1.3.6.3 ?

Problem : When MW_PERF_LVL_DISABLE_SUBSCRIBER_BLACKLIST_CHECK is set to disable blacklisting, it never blacklists the emails again on a list if those were blacklisted in the past for any other list. Please make it true for MW_PERF_LVL_DISABLE_NEW_BLACKLIST_RECORDS as well. We just need to skip the blacklist check I guess, but not skip blacklisting the bounced ones - that's no way going to improve performance (?) ;)
@VVT - are you sure #3 isn't fixed?
The code in place added in
// since
    if (is_object($subscriber) && $subscriber instanceof ListSubscriber && !empty($subscriber->subscriber_id)) {
        return true;
    return false;
So if you set the MW_PERF_LVL_DISABLE_NEW_BLACKLIST_RECORDS flag, and then the system at any point, anytime tries to blacklist the subscriber, this will not be added to blacklist BUT it's status will be changed to blacklisted so that no further sendings will happen.

I was under the impression this is the way it suppose to work :-?
@twisted1919 I'm using MW_PERF_LVL_DISABLE_SUBSCRIBER_BLACKLIST_CHECK , not the latter one. I was using MW_PERF_LVL_DISABLE_NEW_BLACKLIST_RECORDS but reverted to old one because it wasn't blacklisting bounces in List. So

1. I can confirm that blacklisting a subscriber on a new list will not happen if it was bounced sometime in the past and is present in Global BL if only MW_PERF_LVL_DISABLE_SUBSCRIBER_BLACKLIST_CHECK is set.
2. MW_PERF_LVL_DISABLE_NEW_BLACKLIST_RECORDS - I didn't try this one because this fix wasn't available when I updated to

Anyway I will download and install the app again and try this :)