Statistics don't show up for blocked campaigns


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Hi @twisted1919 ,

1. I noticed that, for a blocked campaign, if customer clicks on "View details" button for "delivery rate", "open rate", "bounce rate" etc, it simply gives a 404 error. It then needs to be marked as sent in order to get the details.
2. As reported multiple times, the campaign statistics doesn't always give accurate details. See the attached screenshot for a blocked campaign. Customer definitely gets confused with the counts. it shows 100% was sent, and it says it delivered 500 (let's say delivery attempted), actual list count is 711 - but that's not mentioned anywhere. So this confuses even the admin. Please do something about it. I guess the calculation based on "confirmed subscribers count" instead of "total subscribers count" is the reason for all these. :)


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@VVT - Thanks for reporting first issue, it's been fixed now.
For second issue, i postponed it because i don't see it as an issue(not a pressing one at least), and to remove the confusion, i have just added a note on the top of the page related to the counters.
@frm.mwz That's showing the real bounces, debate is about the "Estimated completion rate", "Estimated completion time" and "Status" under "Your campaigns" page on customer dashboard (see below).

(Seeing this, customer thinks - oh it sent to 100%, but why the hell it's showing "blocked" ? :D)
This campaign actually had 711 confirmed subscribers before sending was started, and when MW detected (after 500 emails were sent) that the bounce rate is above the set limit, it blocked the campaign. By the time it received 306 bounces (255 HB + 51 SB), "total confirmed subscribers" went down to 459 (Actually this should be 456 = 711 - 255 HBs, don't know how come it's 459?o_O) . Now, MW calculated the sent percentage as 108.9%(100% to be legal) = (500/459)*100. But actually it should be (500/711)*100 = 70.32%. This in turn affects the Estimated time to completion as well as rate. Read more here :
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@twisted1919 One more thing, I mentioned above that 3 additional bounces were noted (459) for a campaign but the list was showing 3 bounces less (456). I found that those 3 emails were actually bounced but were not marked as blacklisted in the list :eek:. I then checked in the global blacklist and I could find those emails there. I've recently disabled the blacklisting feature using performance flag. Don't know if that had caused the problem ?
I've recently disabled the blacklisting feature using performance flag. Don't know if that had caused the problem ?
Hmm, actually this might be since no check will be done thus the subscriber status won't be changed to blacklisted automatically. (there's the cron that checks the bounces and will take actions against them, but that might take a while to reach it and also might as well pass them without taking any action, if they don't meet the criteria)
P.S: Keep in mind that when you disable BL via perf flags, the system acts like it has no BL system.
I see, so, I'll clear up the blacklisted subscribers completely to get rid off this conflict. I'm happy to disable the blacklisting functionality as long as an invalid email bounces, marks it as blacklisted on list and further sending is not attempted :). MW does this perfectly even when blacklisting is disabled now, so I don't worry about the common blacklist as mine is a multi tenant system. Thank you ! :)