different Return path address in phpmailer



Is there any way to change return path address in phpmailer. It set as per from address. I checked it works with swiftmailer but not with phpmailer.
PHPMailer doesn't set the return path anymore, it's the decision of the library makers.
We will remove it from mailwizz in mailwizz 2.0 or so.
So, how do I set return path in mailwizz, I have set force from but is always set return path as from address but not the one 1 set.
We will remove it from mailwizz
That will make sending 2.6x slower, which nobody wants...since it anything slow clogs up any involved systems.
It is MailWizz strength to have those two. If SwiftMailer screws up for whatever reason, what then?
You were wise to have both, keep it that way.