bounce emails

  1. R

    PMTA processing Bounce not showing in pmta

    Hello Friends, I am facing such weared issue that i am not able to fix. I have setup pmta in root and mailwizz i have install via cpanel. emails are going smoothly, even pmta log files are collecting data in acct file which are bad emails n other issues. But here mailwizz is not showing any...
  2. J

    not receiveing any bounce on my bounce inbox

    Hi, I added a bounce server and email (local IMAP), I can send and receive, I tested manually. But I have launched a couple campaign and never got anything in the bounce inbox... instead I do receive Mail Delivery system warnings on my reply at email... So should I put the bounce email in the...
  3. D

    bounce emails

    Dear all, when i send out campaign from and reply to mike.miers the bounce emails are being returned to mike.miers not to bounce , how to fix that? thx in advance
  4. A

    different Return path address in phpmailer

    Hi, Is there any way to change return path address in phpmailer. It set as per from address. I checked it works with swiftmailer but not with phpmailer.
  5. J

    No bounce emails

    So beating my head against a wall. I have one account that will not process bounce emails (no emails go to bounce inbox). All settings between the two are the same and have tried different delivery servers (double and triple checked settings). When I look at the log files for the MTA, I get...