Different From Address for Each Mail Server


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I have 6 Mail servers with 6 different domains

I have added it to a customer area.

Now I see 6 servers when I prepare a campaign.

However, I do not see an option to have different From address (coz each mail server has different domain) for a single campaign.

What I want is :

First 200 emails go from a@b.com from server b.com
Next 200 emails go from x@y.com from server y.com

Is that possible ?
@Manan - If your delivery server settings have the option "For FROM" to never, then they will work exactly like you explained above, using the from address defined in their settings.
Did you mean Force From to " Always" ? Because campaign settings have just one From email address. Only Delivery server settings have an option to specify a different from name and email address for each different server.