Delivery Server unable to save Additional headers


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Hello @twisted1919
I have server using MariaDB and Nginx.
it was working fine until i update it to latest version 1.4.3.

now when i create/ edit Delivery server its fine but if i add Additional headers its not saving them.
after lot of checking i find out that if Additional headers are like this
X-Force-Return-Path , it will not save but if i change it to
XForce-Return-Path , it will save
so the only issue is X-
in my localhost its MAMP, apache and working fine.

also i am able to add additional headers from SSH using mysql update command and it updated in DB and work.
how to fix this issue ?
I just tried adding that header and it works without issues for me. We didn't do anything to 1.4.3 that could break this usage, so check your extensions/custom code. As far as i know, there's no issue with mailwizz in that area.
Others could check this and see.
Thanks for your update.
there is no custom code. did your test server is Apache or Nginx and DB is MariaDB.
i never have problem with Apache, this happen with Nginx and MariaDB.
is there a way i can check whats going on when i add server in SSH or some way.
cause i don't see any error log in application too.

The web server and database server do not matter for this case, maybe the php version, so check that, though i doubt.
There's nothing for me to check since there's nothing broken.
i am also looking for a way to disable the protected headers and be able to save even Sender header