Delivering on behalf of customers


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Im trying to send domains on behalf of customers so they can use any domain they have without the spf/dkim etc , ive done some research and this can be done when using my server as the bounce server (accrding to this thread) so the return path will be my domain.
i did setup the domain and i have an issue with the return path , now i have 2 ! which causing the spf lookup to fail
any idea on how can i fix this issue with removing the wrong one and keeping the correct return path .
and does this allow my customers to send using their domains with the Spf pass ?
any help would be appreciated
Thank you
Hi Twisted , there is def an issue on the phpmailer file, switched to swiftmailer and the returnpath is correct (same as the bounced address i used on the server) , the only issue now i still have is the double return path in the header
@beb - then stick to the swiftmailer for now, these are really standard mailers, so it might depend how they handle things internally.
PowerMTA does not add the return path header, however you can config PMTA to override the DKIM domain to a specific domain. you must configure it to send bounces to the same email used in the Return-Path header. but it can not override it.