work for Maillwizz?


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The free external cronjob service ( works for me, with all the applications of my VPS, including the Mautic.

Would you like to know if you also work for Mailwizz?

Best Regards.
@Isai - you will need real linux cron jobs for mailwizz, not web crons.
Sending campaigns can take hours, web crons are not designed to work and handle this.
In the mautic, I use the php script, inside the root of the system, to work with the external cron. Could someone adapt this to Mailwizz?

if (!isset($_GET['secret-password'])) {
    echo 'The secret phrase is wrong.';
$allowedTasks = array(
    'cache:clear --no-warmup',
    'mautic:integration:fetchleads -i Salesforce',
    'mautic:integration:fetchleads --integration=Hubspot',
    'doctrine:schema:update --dump-sql',
    'doctrine:schema:update --force',
    'mautic:maintenance:cleanup --days-old=365 --dry-run'
if (!isset($_GET['task'])) {
    echo '<html><head></head><body style="font-family: Open Sans, Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif;">';
    echo '<p>Specify what task to run. You can run these:';
    echo '<ul>';
    foreach ($allowedTasks as $task) {
        $href = $link . '&task=' . urlencode($task);
        echo '<li><a href="' . $href . '">' . $task . '</a></li>';
    echo '</ul><br/><a href="">Read more</a>';
    echo '<br/><b style="color:red">Please, backup your database before executing the doctrine commands!</b></p>';
$task = urldecode($_GET['task']);
if (!in_array($task, $allowedTasks)) {
    echo 'Task ' . $task . ' is not allowed.';
$fullCommand = explode(' ', $task);
$command = $fullCommand[0];
$argsCount = count($fullCommand) - 1;
$args = array('console', $command);
if ($argsCount) {
    for ($i = 1; $i <= $argsCount; $i++) {
        $args[] = $fullCommand[$i];
echo '<html><head></head><body style="font-family: Open Sans, Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif;">';
echo '<h3>Executing ' . implode(' ', $args) . '</h3>';
require_once __DIR__.'/app/autoload.php';
// require_once __DIR__.'/app/bootstrap.php.cache';
require_once __DIR__.'/app/AppKernel.php';
require __DIR__.'/vendor/autoload.php';
use Symfony\Bundle\FrameworkBundle\Console\Application;
use Symfony\Component\Console\Input\ArgvInput;
use Symfony\Component\Console\Output\BufferedOutput;
defined('IN_MAUTIC_CONSOLE') or define('IN_MAUTIC_CONSOLE', 1);
try {
    $input  = new ArgvInput($args);
    $output = new BufferedOutput();
    $kernel = new AppKernel('prod', false);
    $app    = new Application($kernel);
    $result = $app->run($input, $output);
    echo "<pre>\n".$output->fetch().'</pre>';
} catch (\Exception $exception) {
    echo $exception->getMessage();
Okay, Cristian!
I will try to create cron, inside my Debian VPS.
I really appreciate your work.
Thanks for the support!

Greetings from Rio de Janeiro.