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When i need to add the lines on Cpanel how do i need to add the lines?

Do you only need to add it like this
/usr/bin/php-cli -q /home/profit/public_html/mail/apps/console/console.php
like this: /usr/bin/php-cli -q /home/profit/public_html/mail/apps/console/console.php send-transactional-emails >/dev/null 2>&1

/usr/bin/php-cli -q /home/profit/public_html/mail/apps/console/console.php send-transactional-emails >/dev/null 2>&1
Exactly like this.

Also, please pay attention, you have to add 5 cron jobs, and each of them run at a different frequency, so make sure you add then exactly like instructed ;)
Yeah just was not sure if it was with all the rest included.
So the fact that they are both colored red has nothing to do with the fact that something wrong?
I was just setting up everything and having some issues with the delivery server.
i am using Elasticemail to start. When i put in all credentials and "validate" server i don't get an email ( tried a few different ones )
i do see in Elasticemail that they go from my account but i don't get them.

something i am missing?

Just got an email that my account has been disabled... Did not even send out an email just to myself
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