cron job

  1. Aaron Esteban

    How do I make sure my CRON JOBS are setup correctly?

    I'm new to using MailWizz, so I'd like to make sure that I've properly setup my CRON JOBS. I am using a VPS on Digital Ocean running the LAMP Stack on Ubuntu Linux (Debian I believe). Without having properly configured the cron jobs / crontabs, I know that things will not go out as they're...
  2. pensareweb

    automatic customers cancellation

    I need to automatically delete from the lists (all lists of all customers) all the subscribers that have been in the deleted state, or that have had a hard bounce or are blacklisted. Is there a feature for this automatic activity? I need to cron it and delete the logs too. Thanks in advance
  3. T

    Need some urgent inputs on scheduler

    Hi would really appreciate if someone could guide us with this, how to do the following- 1. Email drip campaign - series of emails to be sent to new subscribers before they start receiving the regular weekly reports. So this would be 5 separate emails with a filter based on the signup date...
  4. Marcelo

    Cronjobs settings in plesk

    Hello I've been trying for hours to intigrieren cronjobs im my plesk settings, but it does not work :( best regards from germany Marcello
  5. Isai

    [SOLVED]ISPConfig CronJobs

    After I switched from shared hosting to VPS, mailwizz stopped sending campaigns. In VPS, I installed ISPCOnfig, to manage almost everything. However, something in cron is not working. Can anyone tell me what is the correct cron entry in ISPConfig for Mailwizz to work? Thanks!
  6. P

    2 of the bounce servers get stuck on cron-running

    Hello. Once again I have been notified that 2 of our SMTP servers have stopped reporting bounces. I look at the bounce servers and see that once again they are STUCK on "cron-running". Why would that happen many times? Is it a setting on the back end? I don't think they are set up any...
  7. S

    Extension Cron Job

    Is it possible to add a cron job to an extension and triggered automatically when that extension is installed/setup on an app? I could not find any related information neither in the documentation nor the extension example provided by you guys.
  8. Cyril Malka

    Cron problem

    Hello, I am using an extern service for my cron-job ( since namecheap doesn't authorize cron-jobs more often than 15 minutes on the plan I have. I can't find out of how to "translate" the cron job into a link For instance: /usr/bin/php-cli -q...
  9. Matthias Ambré

    external cron service

    Hi there, is it possible to use an external cron service ( like or similar) if my server/hosting has not that option of internal cron jobs? Thanks
  10. A

    About Cron Job

    Hi.. Just ask. Before this (on old server) my cron job like this /usr/bin/php-cli -q /home/smtech5/public_html/ send-campaigns >/dev/null 2>&1 When I move mailwizz to new server, my cron job become like this. /bin/php -q...
  11. R

    (newbie) cron job setting up

    Hi, I'm setting up the cron job in cPanel and just asking must the prefix /usr/bin/php-cli -q be there? or just /home/ryante8/public_html/newsletterdhs/apps/console/console.php send-campaigns >/dev/null 2>&1 If you have some time, could you please review my cron job set up, just mạke sure I've...
  12. P

    How to add Cron Jobs to WAMP / windows ?

    Hello, How I can make cron jobs to WAMP ? Small sample would be nice with actual mailwizz cron tasks. Does Mailwizz work on WAMP ? Help appreciated :)
  13. booster

    Autoresponder does not send emails

    Hello! I checked cron job is ok, but automatic emails are not sent. Tell me what could be problem?
  14. PrimeXTeamRO

    Cron Error

    Hi, my autoresponder stop sending campaign. I check Application log and i got this: [error] [exception.CHttpException.404] exception 'CHttpException' with message 'Unable to resolve the request "cron-testfile.php".' in /var/www/private/web/apps/common/framework/web/CWebApplication.php:286 Stack...
  15. H

    wget cron jobs

    Hello, I'm a new customer here, my hosting does not support scheduled cron jobs, what I do for another web app is call them as a web service from a local linux server i.e: wget --spider I'm not very good at this and I don't know...
  16. D

    Cron Job Cpanel

    When i need to add the lines on Cpanel how do i need to add the lines? Do you only need to add it like this /usr/bin/php-cli -q /home/profit/public_html/mail/apps/console/console.php or like this: /usr/bin/php-cli -q /home/profit/public_html/mail/apps/console/console.php...