Creating campaign throught api "Filter_open"

Joseph smith

New Member
Hi there,
Before to start let me lay in this comment good work here because it's an awesome app using YII 1, it's incredible no words to describe it, it has some much potential...

So, my question is I think very easy but I didn't found where it is... if I create a campaign using Unopen/ Open filter how can I do that through API, I was checking out before in your request campaign create and it looks like CampaignFilterOpenUnopen[action] = Open ... therefore I guess it would be something like filter_open_unopen_action = "open" but it doesn't work ... this case it's similar Delivery_servers = "1" (ex.)

if you know what would be the correct parameters of the request, it would be great.
@Joseph smith - Our api cannot handle this type of functionality just yet, we want to keep the api very simple.
Now, to answer your question, you can simply create some code to insert information in then `campaign_filter_open_unopen` table, something like:
Screenshot 2018-03-04 17.10.42.png
Keep in mind, you can easily copy the API endpoint for campaigns into your own custom controller and then edit it and make it accept these params and then inject them in the above table ;)