Dan O'Shea

I created a new customer in the back end. When she creates a new template, she has filled out her profile name and company name. However, at the bottom it is filling in with my name and address. I've looked at her Company Information and Company Name but it still populates with my information that I can't find anywhere that it is pulling from.
Hi Serban,

It's been a while, other clients had me on other projects. Now I'm back with my original client who wants to do a bit again. Hope all is well. You've done a great job with the Support area! :)

Anyway, I checked and my name is in the list. (So she can send a test.) However, she has her own name in her Profile and the Company Name/Address in the Company tab. When she puts [COMPANY_FULL_ADDRESS] at the very bottom, she wants the company name and address. Why wouldn't it pull from her User Company profile and not what is in the List?

The list company info gets populated by default with the info from the profile, that is, whatever was inserted as company info.
Then, if you save the list, that information is saved per list. if you later edit your company info, the list won't change the info anymore, you have to do it manually, so it's basically a fallback that uses the company info from profile by default, but if you save it it sticks to that list.
Does that make any sense?

If in your case you don't have same behavior, that'd be a bug.
Hello, I am finding it impossible to show the Company Name instead of my personal name. I am using 3 different delivery servers and have a list of only 2 people for my testing. The correct [COMPANY_FULL_ADDRESS] is only shown with one of the delivery servers (with my company's name instead of my own name). The other 2 delivery servers place my personal name instead of my company's name in [COMPANY_FULL_ADDRESS]

I have edited a hundred times the company info with no luck... PLEASE HELP!