Changed domain on VPS, but now I can't log in to MailWizz


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I changed the domain on my VPS, IP remained unchanged, but now I can't log in to MailWizz.

I've done a quick search of other discussions here and found that maybe a licence updated might've been required. But when I go there it asks for the licence number and IP, none of which have changed in my case.

I'd be very grateful for some assistance :)

Thanks, I appreciate your time.
I don't actually get to the login page at all. Here's what comes up:

CDbConnection failed to open the DB connection.
Thank you, I'll follow those instructions. Because I'm not technically moving to a new server, just changing domain, I didn't think of that. Thanks so much for your help, I'll let you know how it goes!
Just letting you know I had to reinstall OS as I couldn't actually access anything at all, which means I have to reinstall MailWizz as well.