change subject "Please confirm your subscription"


Hello everyone, I'm trying to translate or change the subject "Please confirm your subscription" and apparently I'm not succeeding. In another installation it works for me, but I have another and in this case does not work me.


Any idea why this happens?

Thank you
folder "messages" drwxrwxrwx
folder "es" - drwxr-xr-x
files within "es" -rw-rw-rw-

this right?

It does not work.

I noticed something very interesting about the translations. I see a new file is created it can have 2 lines of code, then adds more lines this file.

Eg "list_subscribers.php" initially had a few lines of code and is now open again and increased lines of code.

Translations I work well on the same platform: text buttons, help texts, etc. But not works for me when I try to change the subject line.

Any other ideas?
Translations are added into the files as you browse the application, that's why you have two strings at beginning and then more are added.
As for translation not working, it has been working just fine for all users, maybe you're not looking in the right file?
Not sure, but anyway, i am working at another translation extension which will parse all the app files instead of you having to go through the app to add the translation strings.
I'm on the right file.
I have another facility where mw runs very well, this was the one that translated it as the files are generated.

I'm having trouble with this one particular installation, believing the language from the main panel and added the files to the folder (copy and paste), suddenly you feel that this influence?

Yes, I took out the comments of this.
but there is no such row and there are some others that are not in that php file:
i.e: A new subscriber having the email address "..." has been successfully added to the list "..."!
i.e: The campaign(regular) called "..." has been successfully deleted!
i.e: Displaying 1-5 of 1 result.
The subject of the letter be included in the List pages section, and more Language of translation is problem.
it would be very important that the subject should not work in one language .
Hungarian: Kérjük erősítse meg feliratkozását
Deutsch :Bitte bestätigen Sie abonnieren

and still be in English, Czech, Russian, etc. but you can not not be used