Cant login - Blank screen customer and backend



I sent an email yesterday.. all was working well and the email completed to send

Today i tried to login to mailwizz and I cant.. I tried to go to my customer url and its just a blank page - so i tried the backend and exactly the same thing

When looking at the email I sent yesterday.. I try to click a link and it leads to a blank page

I noticed that there is an update available for mailwizz so I am trying to upgrade to the latest version to see if that helps.. but as it stands if anyone tries to click the links in the email I sent then they go to a blank page too -

please help
ok after upgrading it looks like I can log back in

but man do things look different.. I was on version - now im on - where would I look to find documentation such as tutorials etc ? I looked in the announcements section of this forum but the latest version noted there is is the latest version (this day). is where all the UI changes happened so is a with all bug fixes applied. Read through the thread for and you will see the changes.
ok great

thanks for that ..

Just an update to my issue

I use a wordpress plugin called Word fence and I have it set to scan non wordpress files too

It has previously picked up on many files of Mailizz to be somewhat suspicious.. So I was checkign the files against the main download and it looked as is so I would ignore the issues.

A couple of days ago however wordfence picked up on over 200 files from a test directory on my server.. It was a test directory for multiple language environments i believe. .net php etc

so I decided to delete all of the files (we didnt need them)
wordfence was showing me 100 files at a time - and the location looked the same so I was performing bulk actions by selecting all delete-able ones and deleting them..

I think there might have been a few mailwizz files that got deleted which stopped me from logging in or doing anything else

Its all sorted now with the upgrade