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I have been importing and exporting but now I am facing a problem. I have a list around 750 000 emails wich I hav been successfully been adding large batches to get to where it is but now I am trying to add a bit over 400 000 emails and it does start all the way up to very last emails. It says 100% complete but then it says wait until finished and it never does it just sits there!? is there a limit of 1 000 000 emails?

I have in settings set everything to max File size to 100mgb and memory limit to 5gb

When I am trying to export a smaller list of 70 000 emails it tries to start and the after a couple of minutes it says abort export

Please help!!!!!!

I need to get my emails out asap and need to merge all my mails to the large mainlist

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Good, can you try lowering down the Import at once from 5000 to 500 and then try importing once again?
I am busy trying to import the 400 000 list to new fresh list (just as a test) as I yesterday uploaded around 700 000 with these settings with no problem.

An why cant I export?
The export might not work for this exact reason, because you are importing and use a lots of system resources, thus exporting doesn't get enough resources to run.
So i guess the question is, can you test the export when importing is off ?
just so I understand...I didnt try to export at the same time as importing...or do you mean that the settings are to much on import? if so what are a good balance?

Or as mentioned would it help if you logged in?
I can login, but really there's nothing i can do there that you couldn't, you just have to test with the export limits till it works properly, but do it when the import is not running.
Having a good balance between the two really depends on the server and number of subscribers, but keep this in mind, mailwizz import/export runs in batches, that is, according to your settings, it will load 5000 subscribers from database and process them all at once, this is very memory and cpu consuming, that's why i recommended initially to lower down this number.
OK...please me of a good setting for import and same for export....the strange thing is that the import was working perfectly even adding a one 700 000 email list but then when adding the 400 000 to it it just couldnt finnish uploaded and in the end it just said wait
Other than lowering down those "Subscribers at once" settings there's nothing else you can do.
So when you are done with whatever you run now, lower them down and see how it goes.
see attached now when i have uploaded the 400 000 list to a new empty uploads everything and then it look like the attached scrrendump


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It seems you simply don't receive the finish message, but beside this, all the contacts are imported into the list as they should, right?
now I am really confused...You are right it is there ....but when I didi the exact same thing...but tried to add it to the mainlist it didnt add them?

It did the exact the same thing but then it doesn't add them? see the two top lists that are on the screenshot...the top one is hat I just addded but it didnt add to the main list below with 740 000? There is now limit nor more than 1 000 000 on a list?
There's no limit on the list set by mailwizz by default.
Are you sure you haven't set any limit from Backend -> Customers -> Lists area or from customers groups?
please see scrrendump

and one more question....I presume that when you import a list it checks for doubles? so you don add an email twice?


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The settings look good, lower the limits as i said and try importing a smaller list into the big one. if that works, try with your big list.
Yes, importing is checking for duplicates in list and also for blacklisted.