BulkEmailChecker Questions


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Ive went around the forum trying to figure out whats wrong with my BulkEmailChecker extension... however, im using the latest MailWizz with Latest BulkEmailChecker, and using SparkPost to send emails.

So the story is after uploading the BulkEmailChecker into the backend and going to the configuration, added the API Key which was given (still in the backend). It supose to be working now ! there is no indications that show its working or connected.

Created a customer for testing purposes. logged in then uploaded 20k emails. ofcourse there is no sign of BulkEmailChecker in the customer panel. so i gave it a shot and sent for 20k... ofcourse account got banned on sparkpost because it reached 20% bounce rate. I checked the BulkEmailChecker.com it was 0 bounced.

So my questions are as below, i hope someone can answer them

1 ) BulkEmailChecker should be checking as below (by default)
A) Check emails on import or upload
B) Check emails while sending

2 ) After the above checkup if the emails were NOT Valid it, then email shot should NOT go through sparkpost, am i right?

3 ) Ive read on the codecanyon that the customer should put their own account in the customer panel! well ive logged into customer panel and there is nothing related to BulkEmailChecker in it. What did i do wrong?

4 ) I want to use mailwizz with one BulkEmailChecker account (on the backend) and share it with customers is that possible?

Thank you
@uaenoob - Are you sure you are using latest version of the app and latest release of the BulkMailChecker extension?
Because from what you describe here, you are using an older version...
@Scott - When did you download the ext from Codecanyon? Can you download and upload it again ?

I was pretty sure I had done it just 2 days ago but I just did it again... looks like the 4th time I've downloaded it since I bought it last week so everything is completely up to date.

Subscribers being added via API would still count as a "List Subscribe" as shown in the first image?