Bulk Unsubscribe Code


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Hi all,

We are looking for a small piece of development work to be done on our Mailwizz platform. This is to setup/ configure a Bulk Unsubscribe code. We had this done on an old MW platform of ours, and need it done again.

This code is to ensure that any Unsubscribe clicks are applied globally, unsubscribing that contact from all lists they are in.

The eventual code we had was from the old developer was:
<a href="https://gdprsummitlondon.com/examples/unsubscribebulk.php?email=[EMAIL]">Unsubscribe from event communications</a>

Our new mailwizz URL is

Please could someone get in touch if you are able to set this up for us?[/EMAIL][/URL]
@OABC - Just as a side-note, you know you can edit your email list(s) and have them unsubscribe the email from any other lists when subscribers unsubscribe from that one list list ?
Screenshot 2018-08-30 19.16.22.png