Bounce reports suddenly stopped


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I ran 4 campaigns yesterday where there are 0 bounces at all against any of them, not even internal ones. Now this would be great if it was true but there are bounces reports in the email account that monitors bounces.

Nothing has been changed at all in Mailwizz settings from the previous campaigns to these campaigns and everything was working correctly up until these last 4 campaigns.

Can anyone help?
Thanks for your reply.

I have carried out the above, there does not appear to be any errors in the bounce-handler cron job history, all have run successfully.

Here is the output of the ssh command also:

Looking at your ssh output it seems you haven't disabled the cron job for boubce-handler while running the command manually. Please do that, also you might use 'ps aux | grep bounce-handler' to see bounce-handler processes that are already running, and then use the kill command to kill them one by one in case they don't end in a few minutes by their own.