Bounce Handling is Not Done


Hi @twisted1919

When I use Mandrill to send emails, bounce handling is done correctly.

But when I use sendgrid, bounce are not handled and I get tons of messages like this

Can not deliver the message you sent. Will not retry.
Sender: <>
The following addresses had delivery problems
<> Reply from[]: 550 <> No such user here

Same is the case with Sparkpost, Elastic Email

Since, mandrill will be discontinued soon, I need a solution to this.

Please resolve
Have you tested your bounce handling setup with a simple smtp and a staged error 550 to see if it works?
@frm.mwz I do not plan to use my own server for email delivery other than transaction email providers.

I have intentionally sent a campaign to an incorrect email id and observed the behavior

It does not work for sparkpost, elastic email, send grid
@developer - the sendgrid server seems to be a web api type which is good. I just remember that sendigrid doesn't allow webhooks for all plans, only from silver above i believe.
Can you please try sparkpost instead? In mailwizz when you create a delivery server, select Sparkpost Web Api.
Make sure you validate your domain via sparkpost and when you generate the api key, make sure you check all options.

Let me know how it goes.
@twisted1919 Not able to find notification tab :(

So I have pm'ed you my elastic email login credentials. You may need to look at additional screens to debug this

You already have access to our mailwhizz backend and cpanel
Ok, so you have no notification url setup.
Go into mailwizz and edit the EE server , you'll see there instructions on what to add and where.
I have an ongoing campaign. Will test this out later tonight for elastic.

Do I need to set notification URL for sparkpost and sendgrid as well? If yes, I see no information about this in the backend
For the other ones, since they have api endpoints to create the webhooks, mailwizz does it automatically.
I believe only EE doesn't allow to create the endpoints via API and we have to do it manually.