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Hey Guys ,
i have been trying several online services to warmup my domains/ ip.
I have also been cruising down the net to search for the best possible way to do it, but every approach is different.

Currently, i am doing a test with mailwizz and a small app i have created to connect to over 100 newly created mailboxes Gmail and outlook.
mailwizz has a 30-day drip with a different list that is increased every day by 25% where sender and reply to address remains the same
the app checks the mailboxes on random basis, clicking and replying with a custom text, grabbing the ones dropping in to spam and moving them into the inbox, saving all details into logs.

I bumped into some questions if anyone could share their experience would really appreciate
Will Gmail and outlook free newly created accounts matter or i need to use old accounts with reputation?
If I use Gmail IMAP to connect and move emails from spam to inbox, will this count? or i need to do it manually and simulate a real human?
Do x-headers matter ? ( I have noticed with some warmup services like "warmupinbox" they don't add any when sending from a plain smtp )

any advices are welcome
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ofcource it will work if you use seeded accounts.
Send email to seeded account > Open it > Respond > mark it not Spam > Mark important
there are some points which need to apply :
1- before sending, add Feed back loop header for Gmail.
2- Make email content looks transactional emails.
3- Use multiple email content.
4- white label only sender email.
5- watch/monitor always postmaster tool for sender domain.
6- Use clean IP.
7- do not use any forwarding or complex code in case of website setup for sending domain.

There are other things also which need to monitor and apply for non-seeded accounts.
I am using have you tried that service? With MW service do we need to load our own emails or are they already in the warming tool like warmbox?
Ok, I am confused, I was told we need to load our own list of subscribers and send it out like a normal campaign. So are you saying we don't have to load our own list? And MW will send it out to its own list like the software ?
So are you saying we don't have to load our own list?
I am saying you don't need to load an additional list ONLY to do warmup. You use MailWizz as you generally do, you don't need to do anything special, that was my point.

And MW will send it out to its own list like the software
Yes, read the warmup plans article, it explains how it's on autopilot once you assign the warmup plan to your delivery server.
We've developed an SMTP warmup tool that utilizes real browsers to engage positively with Inbox/SMTP. If you're looking to enhance your email deliverability, I encourage users to check out our warm-up platform You can use and explore the tool by signing up for our 7-day free trial plan.
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