warmup schedule

  1. J

    How to warm up a sending domain?

    Hi all, I would like to use the new MW's feature to warm up a new (purchased long time ago, but never used) sending domain, and I have no idea where to start. I've read a lot and some say start with sending 10 emails/day and double every day/week; others say start with 2 and increase by 2 every...
  2. d3m0n

    best ip warmup process

    Hey Guys , i have been trying several online services to warmup my domains/ ip. I have also been cruising down the net to search for the best possible way to do it, but every approach is different. Currently, i am doing a test with mailwizz and a small app i have created to connect to over...
  3. U

    Setting up a warm-up schedule

    Good Morning, I'm using MailWizz and PostalSMTP via the API. I've setup a campaign of 50k emails to send my newsletter. My problem is the SMTP server is brand new and i'd like to warm-up the IPs. Currently i'm manually creating lists for every X amount of emails to be sent per my schedule and...