Automatic IP Warm Up Software


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Warming up a new IP and domain is most crucial for the emails to land in inbox specifically with Gmail and Yahoo. If you are a publisher and send a huge volume of emails to Gmail and Yahoo users, most likely the IP and domain will have issues with reputation, and sometimes emails are marked as spam by the ESP. I see most of the Email Providers like Mail Chimp, SendGrid, Litmus, SparkPost, and Amazon SES now provide Automated IP warm-up services. IP warm-up is a very slow and tedious process but is extremely crucial for email marketing.

Is there an automated software that can be used to warm up the IP and domain without human interference?

Also, any automated software that can be integrated with mailwizz?


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Yes, there is automated software that can do this. Typically it's in the form of configurations for MTAs such as PowerMTA, Postfix,etc.. that respond to feedback provided by a combination of SMTP response messages/codes and inbox placement testing.

The scale you are trying to reach is ultimately what determines how much/if you need a "warm up".
Most low volume senders don't really need it.

For example, if you have a list under 10k, and are sending on shared IP pools at Sendgrid/elastic etc.. and your list is mostly general internet, you can send 100% almost from day 1.

If your list is 65% gmail based (both @gmail and workspace hosted), you should segment based on MX and treat them based on your postmaster account settings.

If you are sending VMG (yahoo/aol/etc) the rules change.

If you are sending MS (hotmail/outlook/live/etc) the rules never make any sense.. just blast them and let the chips fall where they may.

Good quality lists get blacklisted,blocked, bounced, refused, rejected on a daily basis. One of my clients, we send in the area of 30-50m/mo and you learn to take it on an average.

without human interference?

No.. and i would not believe the sales pitch if it claimed this.
Inbox providers should be called "black box providers" because everything they do (gmail/MS/VMG) is secret and changes based on so many external variables there is no way to accomplish the "100% automated" system.

IP warm-up is a very slow and tedious process but is extremely crucial for email marketing.
Rather, I would say that IP warm up is an ongoing part of an effective email marketing operation.