domain policies

  1. P

    Automatic IP Warm Up Software

    Warming up a new IP and domain is most crucial for the emails to land in inbox specifically with Gmail and Yahoo. If you are a publisher and send a huge volume of emails to Gmail and Yahoo users, most likely the IP and domain will have issues with reputation, and sometimes emails are marked as...
  2. Blake Bridge

    Individual Customer Black Lists & Domain Policy

    Hello, Im getting ready to start offering monthly email marketing plans to my customers and I have a few questions. If you could please help. 1. When a new customer signs up, Im asking if they have a pre existing blacklist that they would like to bring with them. Q. What is the best way for...
  3. D

    Twisted.. Need help. "Domain Policy" under Delivery Server broken

    Under "Servers" then "Delivery Servers"... click here and all your Servers show up listed to right. Within each Server there where you can make changes, near bottom is "Domain Policy" (the section where you can type in an ISP domain name that you wish to block/not send to). I have to block Gmail...