assistance to add crons

Tony Da Silva

New Member
Hi All

I need advise on how to configure the crons. It seems PHP was not installed by the docker script ( or maybe its called something else?

As an example if I try to test the send-campaigns job it fails with unable to find php (do I need to install php separately?)

[root@directem ~]# /usr/local/bin/php -q /var/www/mailwizz/html/apps/console/console.php send-campaigns
-bash: /usr/local/bin/php: No such file or directory
[root@directem ~]# which php
/usr/bin/which: no php in (/usr/local/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin:/root/bin)
It's all described at
You have to make sure the cron job daemon runs, so you have to run:
docker exec -it mailwizz-php /bin/bash -c '/etc/init.d/cron start'

Then if you want to run a certain php command, since php is inside a docker container you would run:
docker exec -it mailwizz-php /bin/bash -c '/usr/local/bin/php -q /var/www/mailwizz/html/apps/console/console.php send-campaigns --verbose=1'