Anyone can help me to get amazon production access.


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Hello team AWS,
My official website is and over a while, I have collected email ids through subscriptions. The email ids are authentic and verified. I have been using other email service providers for a long time, and now I have decided to shift to Amazon SES. I will use an email sending application, namely: This application can effectively handle bounce, complaint, and un-subscription. And, it has been added to my verified email address in my Amazon SES account. I hope you will approve my request for Amazon SES production access in the region mentioned above. Let me know if you have any queries. Sohel Mail Type: Marketing Website URL: Describe, in detail, how you will only send to recipients who have specifically requested your mail: We send emails only who have subscribed to our messages. Describe, in detail, the process that you will follow when you receive bounce and complaint notifications: Mailwizz, the software we will be using to send emails through amazonSES will handle the bounce and complaint for us. For bounce: If the bounce is permanent, Mailwizz unsubscribes the lead immediately. And no email will be sent in future to that address. If the bounce is not permanent, Mailwizz just stores the response related to the bounce (like timestamp, type, subtype) for future use. For complaint: Mailwizz unsubscribes the email address immediately. And no email will be sent in future to that address.

Reply: Thank you for providing us with additional information regarding your sending limits. We are unable to grant your request at this time.


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