Any plan for e-commerce extensions paid / free?


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Hey Twisted1919,
Is there any plan for paid extensions of Salesforce / Magento / Shopify / WooCommerce / Zapier ?
Like what you have previously with 2Checkout, Paypal, Backup Extensions and others?
Yes, @Jamie Whittingham we are trying to work on Zapier integration.
What do you say about extensions for Salesforce, Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce.
I am looking for the same, any tips would be of great help.
try api
not just for shopify
How to use api? Sorry but i also need something to automatically remove ppl from list when they purchase products via woocommerce any ideas how to achieve it ?
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Opencart: send promotions on daily, weekly or monthly bases.
Sample: Send products on sales promo to customers

more filtering may coming as it advances
I also want to connect Mailwizz to send receipts and automated follow ups to my customers from Shopify or other platforms.
The more free plug&play integrations we can offer, the more popular MW will become.
Easily adding opt-in check-boxes to popular form builders, Woocommerce check-out forms, Shopify, opencart etc. will be winners for MW.
We're already half way there with the API. But built-in integrations would be a gigantic step further.
We're Shopify partners and app builders in the UK/US. We're in the process of releasing our own SAAS targeted specifically et ecommerce and with a Shopify app. We could also relase a Mailwhizz version of the same app if there's the demand. (enter your own IP address, API keys etc.)