Amazon SES delivery server setup


I noticed on my last campaign that the FROM address was the email address I used to sign up for Amazon SES, not the one I specified in my campaign. I have searched and read the forums, and if all the information is still correct, it sounds like I have to create a different delivery server for each address that I would like to use as the FROM address for a campaign. Is that right? Or do I have to create another user within Amazon SES for each FROM address I would like to use? I have verified our domain on SES.
If your domain is verified at Amazon and all your FROM's will be from that domain, then you should be able to edit the deliverys erver and set the Force FROM setting to Never, and that should do it.
If that does not work, then you'll need a separate delivery server for each sender.
Wow, that was a fast reply! :D

I changed the setting you mentioned, and all appears to be well now! I had thought that "Force FROM" meant that it would force the use of the from address specified in the campaign, so I had it set to "Always". I guess it was the other way around.

I did, but I still thought it meant to force the use of my specified FROM, rather than a server default. Plus, the tooltip also says, "It is best to leave this option as is unless you really know what you are doing." Well . . . I didn't really know what I was doing, so I just left it alone. ;)

Thanks again! I appreciate the help. Our last email app (Interspire) was in use for around 12 years, so these new-fangled, modern apps and sending services with APIs and such pose a learning curve for me! I think I'm catching on to the use, though, and I do like MailWizz!