After upgrading from MW 1.4.1 to 1.4.3 it doesn't display top and latest clicked links


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I upgraded MW a few days ago.

Before upgrade, were sent campaigns, then I upgraded from MW 1.4.1 to 1.4.3. Now when I send new campaigns with 1.4.3 version, overview campign it is not showing top and latest clicked links. Previous campaigns sent with MW 1.4.1, it shows those reports with 1.4.3 version. Latest version doesn't show for new campaigns.

Is it any file it is needed to change for seeing the reports like before?

I attach screenshots when display those reports and when it is not showing.

Thanks in advanced


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- 1.4.3 caches that data, it will show up, but with some delay.
Is there a period of time when data is cached? It was 16 hours since I sent the campaign and the campaign overview doesn't show top and latest clicked links. Is there another way to see these reports?

I cleaned apps/common/runtime/chache folder, but nothing yet. I removed it too.

In campaigns list, the column "Clicks" doesn't show data. It shows only "N/A". In the campaign were some links and I clicked in all of them in the email arrived to my inbox. I attach a screenshot about it.

Thanks a lot.


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