Your message does not contain a List-Unsubscribe header


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as i see mailwizz add List-Unsubscribe header auto
but after my first check i don't found it
is there any way to add it on mailwizz

when i send msg from roundcube it go to inbox but via mailwizze it go to spam
awaiting reply
The list unsubscribe header is there, you don't need to do anything.
Only when you send a test from campaign --> template --> test template the unsubscribe heder is missing.

So if you send a test email from inside the template to it will always say the list unsubscribe header is missing.

If your messages from mailwizz go into spam there's a different reason for it.
Roundcube = personal email
Mailwizz = bulk email
thank you for your reply

yes i get it on spam

please help me how to get it on inbox with Unsubscribe.
i have new ip i don't used it for sending before?
Give it a little time, new IPs and new sending domains can get you into spam folder. some decent opens on your emails and you may see improvement. Warm up your IPs, start sending slowly and try to get your subscribers to interanct. Opens and replies to emails are a good signal to ESPs.