You have more than one DKIM signature in your message

Hi I have DKIM Signing off in the mailwizz settings still I am getting this error.
You have more than one DKIM signature in your message.

Is there something I am missing?

Let me know.
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Also I am adding more than 2 delivery servers on a sending domain that I will be using and that means I have to add DNS Zones (DKIM and SPF) for all of the hosts like leadersend, critsend my own personal SMTP..

Can someone confirm that my since I have added all of these hosts DNS settings, they wouldn't mess up the delivery rate when I am sending through a single delivery server?

I hope I said it right? :/
If your delivery server signs the emails with dkim you don't have to sign them from mailwizz, if you do, you end up with the error like above, with multiple dkim signatures.