X-Sender/Sender in the email header

Jesse James

Hey guys,

I was just wondering how to add X-Sender and Sender on the original email header to be unique for each costumer, like this:

X-Sender: costumer-1@MySendingDomain.com
Sender: costumer-1@MySendingDomain.com

And how to add a costume X-Header to be unique for each group, like I have 3 groups:
Group1: Low Volume
Group2: Moderate Volume
Group3: High Volume

On the original email header I want to add this:
X-Group-Id: [GroupValue-Variable-]

I really appreciate taking the time and reading this post.
and thank you very much for you help


I am not sure at this point(don't have access at the code) but i believe the x-sender header is set automatically by mailwizz.
Same goes for x-receiver.
However, you could try to set your header in the delivery server settings, the value of the header can be static, or a tag, like [CAMPAIGN_UID] or [SUBSCRIBER_UID] and then send yourself a campaign and test the headers you've got.

As for the grouping, i am not sure if you eman customer group or campaign group, but in either case, it isn't really possible right now.
Bright side is that, there are hooks in place there, so from an extension you can hook into the sending mechanism and push your other custom headers. Not that easy though.