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For the life of me I cant seem to figure out if this is going to be different for a new list?

I was able to play around with an existing list but now when I search I keep getting the list does not exist. Note that this is a new customer, and I am wondering is there a way to generate this for that particular customer
Note that I was able to query my previous API key setup for a different customer, just that the new one I keep getting Unable to find list; guess thats because the new api for the customer isnt getting changed.
Hitting a new issue, I seem to be able to get the details of my lists, however, when I try to do a post it keeps asking me for email address
Hey twisted, thanks yes I went through that and it was working fine for another customer api key, however when I am trying to get it done for a new customer I am able to only get, but when I do a post it asks me to enter email address even when I have entered the fields
@technical - each customer will use its own api keys, you can't share an api key for all customers. The api key is unique per customer, this is how the customer is identified in the app.