[WTA]Feed Back Loop Server for Newbie


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Hello Guys Newbie here,

What is feedback loop server ?

Can I input same information as bounce server ? So, bounce email address=feed back loop server ?

Thanks Before n After

Can I input same information as bounce server ? So, bounce email address=feed back loop server ?
Yes, they are pretty much same thing.
Big email providers will usually send fbl notifications at email addresses like fbl@ abuse@ or postmaster@ but you should also subscribe to them to be sure, here's the list: http://www.port25.com/list-of-current-feedback-loops-offered-at-isps/ with isps where you should subscribe.
Once you subscribe and you add a fbl server in mailwizz where isps will send notifications, then mailwizz will connect to that server and download the notifications and take proper actions for it.

Hope it makes sense.
to get this straight, to build a server I also join that list and subscribe for the server to do your job or just need to create a server for this purpose
I was researching and translating and what I see must create a server with an account as abuse @ mydomain so that it can be used as feed back .... in my case use 3 domain of the server for SMTP or whether I should create 3 servers with an account of abuse ... I'm right?
AOL is asking for the IP Address Ranges. I am using SparkPost and my server domain. What IP ranges do I use and where do I find them?
what is the purpose of the fbl email setup if the aren't automatically handled by mailwizz: mailwizz/backend/index.php/feedback-loop-servers/index
MW can process fbl emails perfectly. If you have a mailbox destined to receive fbl complaints/emails, you can add that to MW and MW will do the processing automatically. This is the case when you're managing fbl on your own.

But in your case, you're using a 3rd party service who does this job for you. So, you don't have to sign up at various ISPs and process the fbl emails separately at your end, instead, Sparkpost will do that part. You're paying Sparkpost for taking care of that job as well. In MW, you can add/connect to your Sparkpost account/server using their webapi. If you use webapi, then you should be receiving bounces, complaints/fbl unsubscribes etc at MW from Sparkpost automatically and proper action will be taken.