writing campaign constantly freezing


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Olá, eu tenho um problema.

Meu servidor não é muito poderoso. Então, quando eu agendá-lo para enviar uma campanha, que processa os dados e começa a enviar. Mas por alguma razão ele congela no caminho e não envia mais e-mails. Então eu tenho que manualmente empurrar o botão para forçá-lo a enviar. Ele re-enviar e algum tempo depois se congelar novamente.

Existe uma maneira de automatizar isso? Para possuir programa de certificar-se de que esta campanha congelados e re-apresentar?

Estou com a versão, não é um problema no upgrade para a versão mais recente, como há uma campanha em curso?

Hello, I have a problem.

My server is not very powerful. So when I schedule it to send a campaign, it processes the data and starts sending. But for some reason it freezes on the way and does not send more emails. So I have to manually push the button to force it to send. He re-submit and some time later it freezes again.

Is there a way to automate this? To own program make sure that this campaign frozen and re-submit?

I’m with the version, there is a problem in upgrade to the latest version as there is a campaign underway?
Okay, let's try following settings:

Campaigns at once: 1
Subscribers at once: 50
Send at once: 0
Pause: 1
Email per minute: 0
Change server at: 0

Then save and see if the campaign gets stuck again.
Anything specific in the Backend -> Misc -> Application log?
I'd say you delete the log, then start the campaign again, and when it gets stuck again, take the contents of the log, put them in a .txt file and attach it here so i can see it.

You should really upgrade to latest version after you finis that campaign
Well, i can see this:
2015/02/24 19:45:32 [error] [exception.CDbException] SQLSTATE[42000] [1203] User tupiniqu_01 already has more than 'max_user_connections' active connections
So you are reaching the max number of mysql allowed connections and then you can't do anything else and the campaign dies.
You should increase the number of mysql connections allowed for that user, usually, at least in my setup, i've set it to 500.

I'm on a shared hosting, can not increase this limit ... = (

Would you have any solution for this? Even sending is done more slowly?
Hi, I was talking to the VPSDIME support staff and they told me it would not be possible to configure the number of mysql connections to 500.

Am I expressing myself wrong with them? What should I keep in mind exactly the configuration of minimum viable server?
Hi, I was talking to the VPSDIME support staff and they told me it would not be possible to configure the number of mysql connections to 500.
That's a VPS where you are in full control, so how come you won't be able to set those settings when you'll have to install and setup the database server?
I think they're mistaken or they didn't properly understand your question.
You can direct them to this forum thread to see the discussion in case they have doubts.
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