Wordpress/MailWizz user integration


Hello! I’d like to hire someone to help me with an API thing: when a user signs up in Wordpress (using Gravity Forms, potentially), I’d like an identical account (same username/password) to be created in MailWizz.

If possible, I’d love to have the customer select their customer group in the signup form as well.

I can do your task quickly because I did it before. Pls comtact me via Skype: hvcong

Thank you!
By far the best WordPress form builder to integrate with MailWizz is still GreenForms.
  • It solves your problem (creating a new WP user + signs up as MW subscriber)
  • it has a neat drag/drop builder
  • it's built in a way that prevents 95% of spam without the need for recaptchas or honeypots
  • it's well supported and updated frequently
  • It's also great for adding MW opt-in boxes to contact forms, as it allows for conditional logic to only connect with the MW API if the opt-in box is ticked.
Again, I'm not affiliated with them, so this is purely a face-value recommendation and based on my experience (I've installed it over 40 times now). It's worth a try and only costs $23 per site one-off (no subscription).