WinSCP - Cant find the files? :D


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Hey guys, new here...

Installed MW onto a centos VPS with the Curl Bash command. Working fine and sending emails..

I want to change the favicon and logged into WINSCP to change the image and for the life of me cannot find my installation location

I've been through these folders all day and I cant find it hahaha

Any ideas?
how about instead of looking through all those directories you'd go to where Mailwizz is and do a

find . -depth -print | grep <what-ever-the-filename-is>
@NLG - You don't find them because you are not looking into the docker container ;)
So, to login in the container:
docker exec -it mailwizz /bin/bash
Once in container, you can run:
cd /srv/www/mailwizz/public_html
And there's all your mailwizz files.

Once done, you have to exit the container:

All this is shown in the documentation at

Remember, your OS is using docker and mailwizz is installed inside a docker container.
So to get access to it you have to go inside the docker container, which is like a virtual machine.

Hope it helps.
Nice one!

However, so I can't use WinSCP to edit the server files... needs to be done in SSH?

Kindly let me know
@NLG - I think you actually can use winscp.

Let's try this, go to /var/lib/docker/volumes and you should have two folders with very long names.
Look inside them, they will have a _data folder. One of these two folders contains your mailwizz files and one contains the mysql files.
So you should be able to edit the mailwizz files inside the volume.

I never tried it though, so give it a try and lemme know.
Hey thanks alot

I've logged in and found the files. However I've made the favicon changes (over-written it) and it's not reflecting the changes.

Cleared cloudflare cache too

Any ideas?
So I wiped the VPS clean and installed via WINSCP, normal the bash install version wouldnt clear cache etc

So now i',m stuck installing the cronjobs

Can anyone lend a hand? Please PM for skype address etc...

Any help appreciated